This website describes the peering policy for siewertIO network (AS213392)

Peering Requirements (General)
  • To be eligible for peering, the peering partner must:
    • have a registered public autonomous system (AS) number;
    • Publish valid contact information and up-to-date IXP data via PeeringDB;
    • Maintain valid AS and prefix records with a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR);
    • advertise prefixes <= /48 and > /16 (IPv4: <= /24 and > /8)
  • Static and/or default routes are not allowed and get discarded
  • Private IP address space get filtered
  • Prefixes which contains private ASNs in AS_PATH get discarded
Possible IXP
  • We are present at the following IXPs:
    • LocIX Frankfurt (Germany)
    • KleyReX Frankfurt (Germany)
    • NL-IX Frankfurt (Germany)



Reports of abusive activity originating from AS213392 (DoS, etc.)


Requests for new peering sessions or changes to existing sessions.


All other routing/network related issues.